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Another Painful Truth of Working with Some Clients

If you remember back a couple of years ago, there was a video about the Expert and how sometimes people just can’t wrap their heads around what you’re explaining as a subject matter expert. No matter what you would say the client and/or Project Manager would make a request that wasn’t possible.

Now The Expert is at it again.  Lauris Beinerts published a new video poking fun at yet another instance when your client just won’t listen to you as the expert. If your expertise has ever been questioned even though you know you’re right then this video is for you, or just watch it for another laugh to end off your work week.

‘Literally’ Fighting to End Cancer

Alison Turnbull By Alison Turnbull,
Delivery Manager at Eagle

Fight to End Cancer LogoAs a long tenured employee of Eagle, I have had the good fortune of attending an annual event that we have been supporting since 2012. The annual Fight to End Cancer is a white-collar boxing event where 10 non-boxing professionals enter into an intense 6 month training program and then compete in an Olympic style match at a black tie gala at the Old Mill in Toronto.

Each year that I attended I contemplated throwing my name into the hat because I was so incredibly inspired by the grit, courage and commitment that each fighter displayed. But the fact that I have not participated in sports since grade school and literally never stepped into a gym held me back. It wasn’t until I attended last year’s gala, a short 6 months after losing my mother to pancreatic cancer, that I decided to apply.

I have been taking conditioning classes for the past 4 months and have now started technical training. The time commitment is significant and the training intense — I have pushed myself farther physically and mentally than I would have thought possible.

The experience so far has been incredible, but we have a long way to go. Training will be ramping up significantly and while everything feels very overwhelming right now, I’m grateful for Eagle’s support and the ongoing advice shared by our Chairman Kevin Dee who fought in a similar match in 2011, and my boss Brendhan Malone, who fought in 2014.

The Fight to End Cancer has raised over $750,000 to date, and if each of the fighters this year meet their $20,000 fundraising goal, we will hit $1M. All funds from the event go directly to the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation, one of the largest cancer centres in the world.

Please consider donating to this very worthy cause and wish me luck on June 2nd!

Alison Turnbull - Fight Training

Google Search Tricks You Didn’t Know About

Google is one of the most powerful tools available to us. A simple Google Search helps you find job opportunities, compare technologies before purchasing them, and research virtually any topic. What’s surprising is that although most of us use Google all of the time, few of us use it to its fullest potential!

TechGumbo will surprise you in this video while teaching you at the same time. They go through 12 Google Search Tricks and at least one of them is sure to change the way you run your next search.

10 Greatest Hackers Of All Time

Hackers are some of the smartest people alive. Their skills are often used for good, usually finding vulnerabilities for companies and governments; however, when these geniuses get selfish and go rogue, the outcome can be destructive and harmful.

If you thought you were good with technology, this video from MindChop will bring you down a couple notches. They go through the 10 greatest hackers of all time and what these people have accomplished is a terrifying and surprising.

Top Posts of 2017

Top Posts of 2017Finally, the most anticipated blog post of the holiday season – Eagle’s top Talent Development Centre posts of the year.

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The Ultimate Post to Help You Waste Time (and avoid people)

The Ultimate Post to Help You Waste Time (and avoid people)If you’re getting bored of spending time with family but not ready to head back to work, take a break and read today’s post. We compiled all of our favourite time wasting, semi-useless posts from the past year and left them all below.

We love riddles and brain teasers. Work out your brain with some of these…


Or if you’d rather think less and laugh more, these should do the trick…


Finally, here are some interesting tips that may lead you down a rabbit hole…

How to Edge, Tune, and Wax Skis and Snowboards

Happy Boxing Day! For many, we’re entering the period of the holiday season when the hustle is slowing down, work hasn’t restarted yet, and there’s time to relax and enjoy days out with family and friends. For some that means staying in and watching movies, while others will hit the hills for some skiing and snowboarding.

Before you head out, it’s a good idea to make sure you’re up on your equipment’s maintenance. If the holidays have tightened your budget and paying for the maintenance isn’t in the cards, then you may consider taking care of it on your own. This infographic from Fix will guide your way, explaining how to edge, tune, and wax your skis or snowboard.

Source: Fix.com Blog