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Announcing: Eagle Tech Talks… a Podcast!

Morley Surcon By Morley Surcon,
Vice-President Strategic Accounts & Client Solutions, Western Canada at Ea

Eagle Tech TalksBack in the Spring, when COVID first made itself felt, things really slowed down for the staffing industry. Eagle was fortunate, being specialized in IT, as most projects were not cancelled, only new work was put on hold. That said, our clients were inwardly focused trying to figure out how to move everyone so they could work from home, how to run their business and projects when everyone was remote, etc. As things were slower for me, I picked up a project that had been “gathering dust” for some time — building new technology training for the team. I settled on creating a series of interviews with IT practitioners, thought-leaders, and SMEs to discuss technology, roles, and/or strategies with the people who are actually “living it”.

I began conducting interview-style sessions and recording with Eagle’s team as the audience. These were so well received we thought that we would convert them into a podcast open to anyone who would like to learn more about these topics.

We are just now doing an official Launch of the Podcast and I’d like to invite any readers of Eagle’s TDC to check it out and listen to an episode or two should they be interested! I’m the furthest thing away from being a professional interviewer; however, the people that I speak with are the real deal! They are real people, sharing real stories and insights, about their real-world professions. We don’t get down “into the weeds” too much and keep the conversations fairly high-level, meaning it’s great to get a sense of what makes that technology/IT role/strategy “tick”!

Perhaps you know some young people who are considering IT as a career. I encourage you to share the podcast with them so that they can learn of the wide breadth of roles available under the umbrella that is Information Technology.

I hope you take the time to check it out. Some of my guests may well be colleagues that you know from the industry! You can find all of the podcast episodes wherever you listen to podcasts (a few links are below). And, if you are a thought-leader yourself and are interested in being considered for a guest SME on the podcast… reach out to me directly! I’d love to discuss it further with you.

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2 thoughts on “Announcing: Eagle Tech Talks… a Podcast!

  1. Hello Morley, I’ve just stumbled on this podcast launch through Eagle newsletter today. I like to thank you for these invaluable interviews as I’m myself an seasoned IT Support consultant who might need mentoring.

    Thanks again and have a great day.

    1. That’s GREAT, Mike!! This is exactly the reason we are doing these podcasts!! Nice to see you’ve gotten some value from listening!! Check back to the podcast weekly as we post a new episode each week… you can find it wherever you get your podcast or, for something a little “prettier” to look at, go to https://eagletechtalks.podbean.com/

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