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5 Things Recruiters Hate About Your Resume (Video)

For IT Contractors, recruiters are the gatekeepers of your employment destiny as they are the ones who read and evaluate your resume. If they like what they see, you’ll move on in the process; if not your hopes for that role are over and your jobs search starts over again. So, it is pretty important to tailor your resume to what they want to see.  This quick video shows you 5 things you absolutely must avoid having on your resume, under any circumstances, no matter what, if you want to keep your recruiter happy!

2 thoughts on “5 Things Recruiters Hate About Your Resume (Video)

  1. Funny how they’re asking us to pay attention at spelling but they’re not capable to check their spelling… Did you notice the difference between “they’re” and “their”?Take a look at 0:45 and laugh at them… “you’re work” means “you are work”, the correct spelling is “your work”… Back to school!

    1. The spelling errors mentioned above were used as ironic satire in the “spelling and grammatical errors” section…..

      Context is decisive.

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