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4 Programming Languages Worth Learning in 2019

If you’re considering starting a new career path in the new year, or just looking to pick up a new skill quickly, then don’t skip over this post. This video from Clever Programmer outlines the four best programming languages to learn this year if you want to get a job, including one that has been Googled more than Kim Kardashian.

The four languages are rated based on how easy they are to learn, the job market and potential salary, and how quickly you can create something using that language. While the video may be valid in respect to which languages are your best bet for new opportunities, we’re skeptical about the statement that they can be self-taught and no post-secondary education is necessary. Competing against people with formal training will be a significant challenge. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “4 Programming Languages Worth Learning in 2019

  1. Not 100% accurate… it’s misleading to suggest you can learn Python and use it for Data Science without a degree. Learn Python-yes. But don’t expect to land a 100k+ salary doing DS unless you have a demonstrated background in statistics.

    1. Hi Rich, that’s a great point. Regardless of how many resources and opportunities may be available, it will still require extensive experience and training to get to the 100k+ level.

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