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3 Years and Counting!

3 Years and Counting!

3 Years! That’s how long the Talent Development Centre has been sharing content with independent contractors about a variety of topics including job searching, technology trends, business tips, personal development. We now have thousands of subscribers and frequently receive extremely positive feedback.

To celebrate our three year anniversary, here are the top 10 posts since the very beginning:

  1. How You Can Work in the US as an Independent Contractor
  2. The Ontario Government Mandate That Will Affect Independent Contractors across Canada
  3. Do Your Part to Have a Successful Job Interview (Infographic)
  4. New Changes with Security Clearance in the Federal Government
  5. 5 Rate Negotiation Mistakes Independent Contractors Sometimes Make
  6. If You Absolutely Must Leave a Contract — Here’s How
  7. Update: The CRA, PSBs and Independent Contractors
  8. Useful Tips for an Independent Contractor (Infographic)
  9. 10 Important Points about Communication
  10. 5 Invoicing and Accounting Tools Great for Independent Contractors

When we launched the Talent Development Centre, our goal was to create a valuable knowledge base for independent contractors. If there are any additional topics or subjects you’d like us to dig deeper into, please let us know in the comments below!

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